Wedding Gifts & Accessories Gallery

People love handmade items to give as gifts for many reasons ..... they are unique, personal and show how much thought you have put in to your gift and there's no time more perfect for that than weddings. 

Previously I have made gifts, but also items for the bride and groom including bunting (and lots of it!), personalised items, garters for the bride, ring pillows, decorated wicker hearts to give as 'horsehoes' and more! 

Please take a look below at some of my previous wedding crafts if you would like some inspiration ......

From Left to Right: 1. Wicker Heart - great as an alternative to a horseshoe, 2. Confetti Cone with Rose Petals, 3. Ring Pillow, 4. Favours

From Left to Right: 1. Personalised Cushion, 2. Wedding Guest Book & Instruction Sign, 3. Ring Pillow & Garter (something blue!) 4. Wedding Countdown Sign

From Left to Right: 1. Freestanding Wedding Countdown Sign, 2. Wedding Bunting, 3, Wedding Bunting, 4. more Wedding Bunting!

From Left to Right: 1. Wall Hanging Keepsake, 2. Ring Pillow, 3. Wedding Heart keepsake, 4. Personalised Wedding Hearts - these were made to hang on each of the tables with the centrepiece.

From Left to Right:  1. Ring Pillow, 2. Personalised Wedding Bunting, 3. Honeymoon Gift - Travel Wallet & Coin Purse, 4. Ring Pillow

Bridesmaids Gifts

If you are the bride and would like something special made for your bridesmaids please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Bridesmaids Gifts