Summer & Flamingo Party Decorations

If you're hosting a summer party, barbecue, cocktail party or even a birthday and want to wow your guests with a cool theme then look no further. See below a fab range of decorations and accessories to add the finishing touch and set the scene for your party.

Below you will see the themed items but please take a look in the online shop for more balloons, photo booth props, candy buffet items and more! If you would like to place an order please contact me.

Flamingo Themed Party Decorations

Flamingoes are always popular for party themes whether it be a birthday, cocktail or summer party. I have managed to source the best range I can find of flamingo party decorations and accessories to add the perfect touch to your party whatever the occasion.

Please see below ...

Flamingo Party Decorations

Flamingle Plates

Flamingo Plates

Aloha Summer Flamingle Serving Plate - 35cm Plastic

  • £3.99



Cupcake Stand

Flamingo Cupcake Stand

Flamingo Cupcake Stand

  • £14.99

Cupcake Toppers

Flamingo Cake toppers

Flamingo Fun Cake Toppers - 12.5cm - pack of 8

  • £3.79

Paper Drink Mats

Flamingo party drink mats

Aloha Summer Coasters - Paper Drink Mats - pack of 18

  • £3.99

Dessert Plates

Flamingo Paradise Paper Dessert Plates - 18cm - 6 pack

  • £2.59

Paper Plates

Flamingo party paper plates

Flamingo Paradise Paper Plates - 23cm - pack of 8

  • £3.29

Ice Cream Tubs

Flamingo ice cream tubs

Flamingo Paradise Paper Ice Cream Tubs - 270ml - pack of 8

  • £2.99

Table Confetti

Flamingo party table confetti

Flamingo Party Table Confetti - 14g Bag

  • £2.99

Flamingo Candles

Flamingo birthday candles

Good Vibes Flamingo, Fries and Donut Candles Kit - 8cm

  • £3.99

Flamingle Napkins

Flamingo Napkins


Aloha Flamingle Paper Cocktail Napkins - 25cm - 16 pack

  • £2.29



Flamingo Balloons

flamingo party balloons


Flamingo Paradise Balloons - 11" Latex - pack of 6

  • £2.99



Pink Balloons

pink flamingo balloons

Pink Flamingo Balloons - 11" Latex - pack of 25

  • £10.99

Flamingle Bunting

Let's Flamingle flamingo party garland

'Let's Flamingle' Flamingo Pink Glitter Letter Banner - 3m

  • £9.99

Photo Booth Props

Flamingo photo booth props

Flamingo Fun Photo Booth Props - pack of 10

  • £7.99

Cocktail Picks

flamingo party cocktail picks

Flamingo Honeycomb Cocktail Picks - pack of 12

  • £4.99

Flamingo Lights

Flamingo lights

Flamingo Cups

Flamingo Cups

Flamingle Balloons

Flamingle flamingo party balloons

Let' Flamingle Balloon - 18" Foil

  • £2.99

Party Bags

Flamingo Party Bags

Good Vibes Holographic Flamingo Party Bags - 26cm

  • £6.49

Flamingo Cups

Flamingo paper party cups

Flamingo Shaped Paper Cups - 255ml - pack of 8

  • £3.99
Summer & tropical party decorations

Summer Themed Party Decorations

If you are having an indoor or summer party these decorations will definitely help you set the scene and add the perfect vibe to your party, from tropical/hawaiin 'aloha' themed items and gorgeous pineapples what more could you want?!? There's even photo booth props & backdrops so you and your guests can snap away with your party hashtag so you can look back and remember your summer party shenanigans!

Paper Plates

Aloha tropical party paper plates

Aloha Summer Paper Plates - 25cm - pack of 8

  • £3.29

Dessert Plates

summer party dessert plates

Aloha Summer Dessert Plates - 18cm Paper Plates - pack of 8

  • £2.59

Paper Napkins

Aloha tropical party paper napkins

Aloha Summer Paper Napkins - 33cm - pack of 16

  • £2.69

Aloha Cups

Aloha tropical party plastic cups

Aloha Summer Plastic Tumbler Glasses - 266ml - 30 pack

  • £9.99

Table Confetti

Aloha summer tropical table confetti

Aloha Summer Confetti - 34g

  • £2.99

Mini Buffet Kit

Summer party mini buffet kit

Aloha Summer Mini Buffet Kit - pack of 12

  • £4.99

Hanging Decorations

Aloha tropical summer party hanging decorations

Aloha Summer Decorating Kit - pack of 22

  • £14.99

You Had me at Aloha

You Had me at Aloha party garland

Aloha Summer Glitter Letter Banner - 3.65m

  • £3.99

Photo Booth Sign

Summer party photo booth siign

Summer Photo Booth Sign - 29cm x 38cm

  • £2.99

Photo Booth Props

Summer party photo booth props

Hot Summer Photo Booth Props - pack of 10

  • £7.99

Summer Napkins

Summer vibes cocktail party napkins

Aloha Summer Vibes Paper Cocktail Napkin - 25cm  16 pack

  • £2.29

Drink Stirrers

Aloha summer party drink stirrers

Aloha Summer Glitter Pineapple Drink Stirrers - pack of 16

  • £3.29

Mini Sign

Summer party mini sign

Hawaiian Hibiscus Summer Vibes Mini Sign - 15cm x 15cm

  • £1.99

Hanging Decoration

Tropical summer party hanging decorations

Hibiscus Hanging Strings - 2.1m Hawaiian Decoration - 6 pack

  • £3.99

Hanging Swirls

Summer party hanging swirls party decorations

Luau Hanging Swirls - 60cm Hawaiian Decoration - 12 pack

  • £4.49

Cocktail Balloon

Cocktail balloon party decorations

Tropical Drink Supershape Balloon - 41" Foil

  • £6.99

Pineapple Balloons

Pineapple party balloons

Golden Pineapple Diamond Clear Balloon - 11" Latex 25 pack

  • £10.99

Pineapple Balloons 2

Pineapple party balloons

Pineapple Print Balloons - 11" Latex

  • £2.99

Photo Booth Kit

Summer Photo booth party kit

Summer Photo Booth Kit - pack of 13

  • £5.99

Tropical Balloon

Tropical Drink party balloon

Tropical Drink Supershape Balloon - 41" Foil

  • £6.99