Cardmaking & Papercraft Gallery

Cardmaking was always my first love before I discovered the sewing machine but I still really enjoy the process of finding pretty cardstock and papers to make beautiful cards. The fun part is turning them in to something unique and stunning that customers will definitely not be able to buy on the high street. I've always been very proud of the lovely comments I get about my cards and other papercrafts.

Please take a look below at some of my previous creations and decide for yourself! If you would like a card made for you please get in touch.

Personalised Cards

If you would like a personalised wedding card please let me know. Here's one I made for a customer who wanted to give her grandparents a special card on on their platinum wedding anniversary.









Papercraft 3D Pictures


I'm hoping I might be able to explore some more avenues with my papercrafting but in the past as you can see here I have really enjoyed creating 3D papercrafted wall hangings / pictures (left), This one was 30 x 30 cm and was loved by a customer who was a baker. On the right you can see an example of a heart shaped photo frame I have covered and placed a 'Home is Where the Heart is' insert or could have a photo displayed of the family? 

Handmade Papercrafted Photo Frame